Some Advice For Rob


First off, it's clear that you have a lot of experience and obviously know what you're doing to the point of repetitive boredom. This is displayed in your videos so much that I think some serious reflection in teaching style is needed on your end. There is a reason the reviews all love this course.....except the ToonTanks section. I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on you, I'm merely addressing the weakest link in the chain, because I really enjoyed the earlier portions of this course and want the course as a unit to succeed.

Expanding on this, you seem to have fallen into the trap that many seasoned software developers fall into, and that is the assumed knowledge on our part as you casually blow through each portion of code, concepts, theory, and practices. Assuming the reason for the speed is to make videos shorter, that reasoning kind of falls apart if you are making a video half as long as the previous instructor, but we have to watch is 3 times or pause 100 times. Not only does this force us to just copy what you're doing without understanding, it's demotivating as a whole. I would assume most people drop the course once this realization is reached.

Let's consider the student's journey up until now, we have gone from a teacher who at every moment shows enthusiasm and a genuine feel of wanting you to learn as he explains the concepts, to someone who is just making videos to get paid. The overwhelming feeling of this course just being something you need to get done to get a paycheck is disappointing.

Wrapping up, I feel you have a lot of potential due to your knowledge of the material, but at the moment I feel like your heart isn't really in this for the teaching and it shows in your videos. Not everyone with knowledge of material is cut out to be a teacher.


Yeah I too feel this section is quite demotivating. After the last section where everything was explained in detail, here it’s difficult to follow and understand what’s going on lol. Feels like the teacher is talking to pro software engineers :sweat_smile:
I force myself to get through it because the game is interesting, but man it’s not very fun


I am doing this section and I am having problems following it. I am doing also the Blueprints course witch I am doing a lot more things that the course explain, on my own, and without problem, and I have never had a problem with c# of the Unity Courses, from here and others more advanced.

I am sorry to say that this section is really difficult to follow. Having made the unity courses, I know what a raycast is, and how it works, but even then, I had problems even to see that that was what we were coding in Unreal.

And that is the problem. There is much code and no enough explanations of what we are trying to do, not only how to do it. I watch the videos and copy two or three lines before I understand, not the code or how it works, but simply what we are trying to accomplish with it. Then I have to rewatch it to understand the flow of the code (how are we implementing it generally speaking), and then rewatch it, and search in internet the no-explained c++ grammar to understand the code itself.

Perhaps it would help a little introduction even with some post-it messages of what we are doing? Like “Now we are trying to implement the Rotation of the Tank turret following the mouse”.


I am so happy that i am not the only that thinks this section is just going faster than the speed of light. I have the feeling he did not look into the last section and see how much we knew and how long it took us to learn those concepts. I am a CS student and work part-time as Java Dev and i can tell you that i had problems following some concepts in this section. I had to put the video playback speed to 0.75 and it still was to fast. I wish they would remake this section, because this is just a shame for the whole course. I mean C++ is not an easy language to grasp because of it being hard on some edges and not being like the new modern high level languages, on top of that the UE4 C++ Variation is just the icing on the cake. So i wish just a bit more care was given into explaining then just writing code. I want to understand it and not just copy the code. If i wanted to do that i would just ctrl + c and ctrl + v the whole GitHub classes or in one click just checkout the project with git.

It is a cool game, that is actually not even that difficult of a concept. But made just impossible to even sit through.

See you guys around.


Before starting this section I took the advice at the beggining and tried the old course. It’s been a lot of fun, even though I had lots of bugs and some things felt slow of frustrating, like learning how to use Source Control for the first time and accidentaly breaking all your progress. :sweat_smile: Even so, I started again from scratch, but it was fun, I I’ve learned a lot. But this guy feels bored, just speeding up everything just to check that the job’s done. I’ve had plenty of bad teachers in my life and I know how to recognise them. Sorry Rob, you are great at development, but clearly not everyone is fit for teaching. I would advise everyone doing this course to try the old one as well, at least the Battle Tanks section because it’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot. It’s about 100 videos and you’ll also learn Source Control. Even though it’s annoying untill you realise what you have to do to make it work, you’ll thank it each time you break your code!

Happy coding!

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The Toon Tanks sessions are so frustrating since there have been dozens and dozens of times that a command has been typed on the screen (impressive typing speed!) and in LITERALLY less than one second the presenter switched to a new tab so that it was impossible to have any idea what commands where typed on the screen. If the presenter let the code stay on the screen for even five seconds it would have made a huge difference in the course. The material wasn’t covered too quickly, the presentations were delivered too quickly. The same words in the same order would have been much more effective if some pauses were thrown in there so that the screen could have been read. In addition since the video player used was poorly supported by Safari on my Mac, the pause button and the restart button seldom worked, so I had to reload the same lectures over and over. Maybe the lectures could be edited, inserting some five second pauses?

Also in every other section, the presenter told us ahead of time, “this is what we are going to do”, then I’d turn off the video and work four or five lessons ahead and compare my result with the lectures. In this series I was not able to do that, since I had no idea what was coming up.

To end on a positive note, the actual content of this section was extremely useful and very important topics were covered. This is starting to get into the real essence of UE4 development.

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Well personally I’m much, much more happy with this section than the previous ones.
I don’t like being hold by the hand, these lectures give me the chance to be active in the learning process, by trying to anticipate where it’s going, figuring out what are we doing.
I pause the lectures often and replay parts when I need to, and it’s perfectly fine.

Having made the whole section 3 times, I have to correct my previous opinion. It is not this section the problem (for me), but that I didn’t fully understand the concepts learnt in the previous ones. I finished the previous chapters with the sensation of having understood the explanations but I really didn’t. So it was in this section I had problems, simply because it when fast over the concepts learned before, to explain new ones.