[SOLVED] Yellow Block not breaking


For some reason, at the end of lesson 87, my yellow brick is acting like an unbreakable brick. I know the error is not in the code since I triple checked it, and even copy and pasted the code provided in the lesson downloads.

I also made sure that the yellow block has the breakable tag as well. This problem only applies to the yellow blocks, not the red or green ones. Not sure what to do, I suppose I could redo the yellow block prefab, but just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


Hi @Greglorious_85,

Couple of questions…

Is it behaving exactly like an unbreakable brick? Does it not get damaged or disappear after being hit? Or, does it disappear but the next level doesn’t load?

Some screenshots would be useful. Perhaps the following;

  • Yellow Brick Prefab selected with the Inspector visible in the screenshot
  • Yellow Brick instance (e.g. pause the game, select the yellow brick in the Hierarchy) with the Inspector visible in the screenshot

Hey Rob,

Unfortunately I just wanted to get on with the lesson, so I ended up just duplicating the Red Brick prefab, editing it a bit, and deleting the old yellow brick prefab. Now the game works exactly as it should.

I’m unable to take screenshots now, sorry. But yes, it was acting exactly like an unbreakable brick and I was not able to adjust it.


No worries. Glad you are moving forwards again.

Would be good to mark your post resolved etc.

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