[SOLVED ]Why are we use ui-TEXT object instead of ui-Button?

Why are we use ui-TEXT object instead of ui-Button?
I examine 2 topict about this but have not any real reason for this:

  1. 1 topic
  2. 2nd topic

I looked into that very topic when i was in that part of the course and there is very little difference between the two items.

The only real difference is that the button adds a graphic component to the item, and to make it look like a button has been hovered over (selected/pressed) really requires you to add another graphical component otherwise it looks a bit … well, average. And you will need a graphic package to do that. And there is a problem that you will run into using a button with the navigation. So, I think their thinking was let’s keep it as simple as possible and use the text button.

When knocking up a menu I will often use a text button because it’s quicker, before modifying it to a button object later and creating up/down/hover states in a graphical package.



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