[Solved] Weird Issue with instantiating Elements

So, I’ve got this going on

and after spending the day fighting with Unity to try and have it select a random asset from the resources folder without having to hardcode them in, my brain is too burnt to see what’s going wrong with my script. Could someone please take a look and point me towards the error?

My Script

using UnityEngine;

public class PlatformGenerator : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] Transform myCamera;
    [SerializeField] float verticalShift;
    [SerializeField] float horizontalShift;
    [SerializeField] float generationPosition;

    int elementCount = 0;

    BlockPicker blockPicker;
    Vector3 endPosition;
    string[] platformTypes = new string[] { "Multi", "Single" };

    void Start()
        blockPicker = GetComponent<BlockPicker>();

        GameObject startPlatform = GameObject.Find("Start Position Group");
        if (!startPlatform) CreateStartPosition();
            endPosition = CalculateEndPosition(startPlatform);

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        // if endPosition is within 3 units of camera view then generate next platform.
        if (endPosition.y - myCamera.transform.position.y < generationPosition) GeneratePlatform();

    void GeneratePlatform()
        string platformType = SelectPlatformType();
        GameObject selectedBlock = blockPicker.GetDefaultBlock();
        if (platformType == "Single") selectedBlock = blockPicker.SelectSingleBlockElement();
        else if (platformType == "Multi") selectedBlock = blockPicker.SelectMultiBlockElement();
        Vector3 targetPosition = CalculateNewPosition(endPosition);

        var newBlock = Instantiate(selectedBlock, targetPosition, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;

    string SelectPlatformType()
        return platformTypes[Mathf.RoundToInt(Random.Range(0f, platformTypes.Length-1))];

    Vector3 CalculateNewPosition(Vector3 currentEndPosition)
        float newXPos = currentEndPosition.x + (Random.value * horizontalShift);
        float newYPos = currentEndPosition.y + (Random.value * (verticalShift * 2)) - verticalShift;
        return new Vector3(newXPos, newYPos, 0f);

    Vector3 CalculateEndPosition(GameObject block)
        Vector3 lastEndPoint = new Vector3();
        for(int i =1; i <= block.transform.childCount; i++)
            Transform child = block.transform.GetChild(i-1).transform;
            if(child.name == "End Pont")
                if (child.transform.position.y > lastEndPoint.y) lastEndPoint = child.transform.position;
        return lastEndPoint;

    private void SetUpNewBlock(GameObject block)
        endPosition = CalculateEndPosition(block);
        block.transform.parent = this.transform;

    void CreateStartPosition()
        var newBlock = Instantiate(blockPicker.GetStartElement(), new Vector3(), Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
        newBlock.name = "Start Position Group";

    void CountElements() { for (int i = 1; i <= this.transform.childCount; i++) elementCount++; }

Looks like the blocks are all overlaying one another so I’d be looking at the if in Update priinting out all their values to see what is going wrong

Out of interest…
Why do you like using the resources folder so much (I noticed you used it in another project?
Moving prefabs to a seriailized array is quick and easy…

I like letting the computer do the work :slight_smile: In this case, the goal was to be able to just drop the asset into a folder and let the program deal with adding it to the game so as to reduce the amount of hard coding involved and thus the human-error factor.

I ended up having to remake my assets so that Unity wouldn’t have to iterate through the children and then the children of the children to find the End Point furthest from the start position, (and I just realized that I was comparing the y distances here as well as in the Update Method) grrr.

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