[Solved] WebGL Port Not Refreshing on Scene Change

Hi all,

I’m having a slight issue with my port of Number Wizard to WebGL. After converting to Unity 5.4.2f2, I fixed the warnings of LevelManager References being obsolete and changed the refs to SceneManager.LoadScene, and put the necessary require line at the top of the header.

The program runs fine within the Unity editor, but once exported to WebGL and opened in Firefox or Edge/IE the screen doesn’t refresh when switching to the win or lose scene, so the text from each scene is on top of each other. Leaving it unreadable.

I’m certain there’s a simple screen refresh command, but I’ve been unable to locate the correct command. My google-fu must be weak this morning.

Thanks for any help!


Sounds like a bug rather than something you need to trigger a refresh for. Obviously this doesn’t happen in the game preview?

I managed to find the issue. The LoadScene was set to .additive instead of .single (Note to self, don’t just copy paste!) causing the game to layer over the existing output. It’s the little things that always bite you in the rear!



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