[Solved] Unity 2023 - Transition to Swing Up is not working

Unity 2023.2.10f.

I strictly followed the tutorial. But in my case the Sword slash animation with one trigger for “Attack” required 2 mouse clicks to complete the Animation from Sword_down state to Sword_Up state in Animator.


I had no idea why this was not working.

After much digging around I saw an article about Unity Animator Hell about using Unity Transitions for pixel based animations which suggested using code instead of Transitions to trigger animations.

I solved my problem with the Animator not triggering the Transition as follows. It works but am not sure if it will cause any problems further down the tutorial.

So I used 2 triggers - SwingUp & SwingDown. SwingDown trigger was set as the condition to transition from SwingDown → SwingUp states


The behavior you are describing (one click to swing down and one click to swing up is actually the intended behavior that Stephen is shooting for in the tutorial.

That’s ok, though, it’s your game, so if this is not what you have in mind, then this solution should work (it looks like what you’re after is a swing up followed by a swing down with each click.

This won’t conflict with the rest of the tutorial at all.

My bad, I thought it was a Bug.
I recognized my mistake only when I watched the tutorial where Steven was teaching to flip the swish animation.

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