[SOLVED] unexpected symbols and parsing errors, and more!

I brought my NumberWizard.cs over from the old script. I made the changes, exactly like shown but I am receiving two issues.

  1. Assets/NumberWizard.cs(37,42): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol ‘{’
  2. Assets/NumberWizard.cs(41,1): error CS8025: Parsing error

Lastly after all this I tried to drag this NumberWizard.cs script onto the gameobject that is named NumberWizard @ time 8:23 in the video. Unfortunately it gives me this error when trying to click and drag it onto the empty gameobject.

Can’t add script

can’t add component ‘NumberWizard’ because it doesn’t exist. Check to see if the filename and class name match.

I’m in a big mess right now, been trying to fix this for hours.

Hello @Joshua_Jahwun_Whitma
You forgot to close the if-statement.



Hope that helps


I don’t think I did forget to close the statement, I close it after the application load level (on line 39), then i close the void next guess on line 40.

Hello @Joshua_Jahwun_Whitma.
I am not talking about the curly-bracket.
I am talking about the round-bracket after “<=0” which should close the condition of the if statement.
It is missing in your code.

Hope that helps

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…Thank you Chris. Any idea about it telling me that NumberWizard.cs doesnt exist?

Disregard, that one symbol was all that was missing to make the file work now. Your amazing Chris.


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