[SOLVED] 'Uncaught abort() at Error' Crashes my NumberWizard

So, here we go. I build and run my number wizard game using Web GL. Everything seems in order - start menu, game, and the ‘human wins’ screen all function as intended. When we run out of guesses however… boom.

Expected Outcome: The out of guesses screen.

Actual Outcome:

This happens, and the game crashes - nothing responds. This happens regardless of me rebuilding, and doesn’t seem to my eye to be as a result of bad code - although I’ll upload the file with this post for people to look at.

As an additional strange oddity, when I try to upload to GameBucket this happens:

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Rebuilding the file.
  2. Moving The File Elsewhere (The abort file refers to the desktop sometimes which is where I was keeping the file.)

I’m running Unity 5.5.2f1 personal, on a Windows 7 (Ultimate), and this a bit beyond me, so any help would be very appreciated.

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If you can zip up the project and upload it here I will happily take a look for you.

Out of interest, if you run the game within Unity and create the same conditions, e.g. you run out of guesses, what happens?

No problems in Unity - everything works as it should. I’m trying to send the file over here but it’s too big and links seems to be upsetting the reply box so here is a broken link: https://www.drop box.com/s/37fmvf12sk50bdf/Pretty%20Number%20Wang2.zip?dl=0

Combine those and you’ll get a link to the zip folder for my game. Apologies for the calamity of a link but the reply bar gets angry when I try to post a link for whichever reason.


Sorry, I should have said, yes there is a 10mb limit on uploads on the forum.

I have grabbed it, will take a look now.

Updated Sun Apr 23 2017 22:38


Sorry for the delay, took a while to build.

So, I took your project, built it as WebGL, without changing anything, and then uploaded it to my own webhost. Ran the game, purposely made it take too many guesses and reproduced your issue.

I opened up the Win scene and ran it on it’s own and received a null reference exception error.

You have the NumerWang game object in the Hierarchy in this scene, yet it isn’t used, but it is expecting to receive text ui objects which have not been set in the Inspector. It tries to update those with it’s first guess (called from the Start() method) and fails to do so.

I removed the NumerWang game object from the Hierarchy on the Win scene, rebuilt, re-uploaded, and it’s all working fine.

Hope this helps.

p.s. you have a few boundary issues with regards to if you just hit lower over and over, or higher over and over you hit the extreme values (and exceed them)

p.p.s. regarding GameBucket - try this structure;

  • create a folder called NumberWizard
  • move the index.html into it
  • move the templatedata directory into it
  • move the release directory into it
  • right-click on the NumberWizard directory and send to Compressed File

Select that zip file (NumberWizard.zip) for the upload


The crash has been fixed! Plus I have realised what I was missing for gamebucket - I was just being blind and missing the html from the desktop. Thankyou for the help!

Could I clarify what you mean with the boundaries though? Every test I do seems to indicate the guesses stopping at 1 and 1000 respectively. Unless I’m getting the wrong end of the stick here?

If you play the game and just keep hitting the same option “higher”, I got all the way to 1001 (displayed). As soon as a guess is equal to either the lowest possible number, or the highest possible number in the range (1 to 1000), if the player clicks on another option - they are cheating.

You could potentially either detect this, then hide the buttons and say that the Wizard Won on the screen… or, just call the player a cheat :slight_smile:

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I did actually have an anti cheat system on the previous number wizard (thanks to another users code of course) but removed it for the now course because I didn’t want to do anything that would cause issues. I’ll add a system in though :smiley:

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Cool - and well done by the way, nice to see a version with some colour and a picture… interesting name too! :wink:

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Cheers! The name is purloined from a British show called Mitchell and Webb - I recommend it!

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