[Solved] [STUCK] Trouble opening Unreal

Hello, got a problem with opening Unreal Engine and with the ToonTank also.

Since i start the courses on Unreal, i got a message from every project i saved. When i reopen them, i got the message “Missing projet Modules” and ask me to try to rebuild it without success.
Until now, i opened them by another way : opening Unreal engine first, and then load the project from Unreal file menu.

But, I don’t know why, since this chapter, the project doesnt want to reopen and i get this error on Visual Studio code :

If I say “yes” a message appears telling me that is an error. And if i say No, Unreal stop and i need to open it again.

I am really stuck here, and i cannot continue the course :cry: because i cannot open Unreal engine with this project…

Update :
I solve the problem by myself, and i give you the information if someone else got a similar issue.
I had the line :
virtual void Tick(float DeltaTime) override;
in my public declarations of Tank.h, i just deleted it and Unreal open again.

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