[SOLVED]Sprites become invisible after rearranging them in heirarchy

Everything was working fine till the lizard and trophy animation,but all my sprites became invisible after rearranging them in the hierarchy inside attackers and defenders game objects.When I first encountered the problem I wasn’t able to move any of the sprite transforms as well. But after closing and opening the project,I was able to move the transform but the sprites still won’t show up.They don’t show up in scene or in game.Even in 3D view they don’t seem to be appearing anywhere behind or ahead of the camera

Things I have tried
1.Adding Sorting Layer
2.Playing around with scales of all objects
3.Deleting the library folder after closing unity and reopening unity
4.Creating new sprite and dragging it into attackers.(Sprite appears before moving the object into the attackers, but becomes invisible once you drag it inside attackers )

I am linking two unity screenshots(Because I am only able to upload one here) trying to recreate the problem.I can’t move ahead without solving this problem and don’t have the time to start over.Help is appreciated.

what about the order in layer of the trophy (star’s parent)?

There is no order in layer on stars parent because it doesn’t have a sprite renderer attached, I’ll try adding it and see if it fixes anything.

Maybe it’s a problem of parents’ sizes. Try this: select the star child object in the Hierarchy, then go in the Scene window and press F, start to zoom in to check if you can see now the star.

Or, just set in the Hierarchy all the sizes (star and all its parents) to 1 and check if the star is still invisible.

Sorry Didn’t work. I just created empty objects outside and copied the components. Seems to be a problem with unity.I guess I’ll have to complete this course the complicated way

Thank you so much.Such a silly mistake. And I wasted hours on this.

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You won’t waste time anymore on this from now on. Learning by mistake it’s always the best way. :smiley:

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