[SOLVED] Smoke happens at origin right after going into Level_01

The prefab settings for the Smoke gameobject is copied exactly the same as in the video.

But in the video smoke doesn’t occur until a brick is destroyed. Yet mine occurs when going from Start Menu to Level_01.

The picture below is the coding for the Brick.

once you have created a prefab out of the smoke gameobject you can just delete it from the scene
I think the reason why you still see the smoke appearing on game start is because the smoke gameobject is still parented to the brick gameobject?

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Same thing, the smoke still comes out when it is not parented.
And I tried parenting it and still occurs.

So the solution is to just delete it from the scene? No need to position it anywhere?

yea just delete it because in your script you`re instantiating a new one from the project window
but make sure you create a prefab out of it first then drag that prefab to the smoke gameobject slot in the inspector

Alright, thanks!

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