[Solved] Section 1 Lecture 7 doesn't load for me

Desired outcome:

  • Being able to watch the lecture 7 from section 1.

Possible Solutions I have tried out:

  • I turned my internet off then on again.
  • I refreshed my browser.
  • I closed unused tabs.
  • I tried a different device.
  • I followed the link provided.

Screen capture:

Hi @Ewan_Lewis, I’ve just checked this myself to see whether there are any issues and I can confirm the video content is there and does play, for me.

This is the URL I have for the specific lecture:

I am using Windows 10 on a PC and browsing with Chrome (version 52)


Did you check for Flash? I just tested mine using the URL in your error message and got confirmation with Chrome it comes pre-installed.

I think Udemy attempt to use HTML5 video playback support initially, and if that fails fall back to Flash support.

Additionally, Udemy have a support page for Video Playback Issues, one of the items I know that has helped a lot of people is clearing the browser cache (temp files/cookies etc)