[SOLVED] Recommended way to utilize cloud services for Unity work?

I am a high school student currently working on the 2D Unity Developer course in a game design elective. I have wanted to work at home when I have the free time, and being able to pick up where I left off on the school computers has been an issue. I know I can download from the GitHub repositories for the latest changes, but it would be a lot better if I could start off where I specifically left off at. It would be great if someone could throw out a recommendation for a way of storing builds in the cloud.

Hi Micah,

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The best would be to create your own repository for your project, for example, on GitHub. This way, you can access it everywhere, push and pull commits from different devices, for example, in your classroom or at home.

Ben recently shipped his Git course “Git Smart: Enjoy Git in Unity, SourceTree & GitHub”, but you can also find free tutorial videos on Youtube. If you seek a career in the game development industry, knowing Git is a must, so it does not harm if you learn and use it now.

Alternatively, a rather okayish approach, you could copy your project folder and paste it on an USB stick. At home, you drag the folder onto your harddrive, open the folder with Unity, do your thing, and when you are done, you could copy your project folder and paste it on an USB stick again. Do NOT access the folder on your USB stick directly with Unity.

Why would you want to store a build in the cloud? Do you want to continue working at your project or do you just want to play your game? If it is the former, you need the entire project folder, not just the build.

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