[Solved] Possible additions to Resources!

This is not so much a bug report or question as it is me just listing some possible extra resources!

This is an example Design Document that I used for my Game Design course in college. It’s an excellent baseline for getting started!

I think Blender also needs an explicit mention, since it’s discussed later in the Resources .pdf, and has excellent tutorials available! Along with it I would recommend Tiled for making 2D grid-based maps (or not grid-based).

For the music-compositionally gifted, I would recommend Finale Notepad or MuseScore for notation and playback (Notepad I believe will only export as MIDI, but there are online services that can convert to mp3).

I would have linked each piece of software, but as I’m new I can only post 2 links. Copying the name and searching it with Google should be fruitful, however.


Also, on the topic of Game Design in general, these are two important and approachable papers I highly recommend to anyone interested in Game Design as a discipline: Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics and Players who Suit MUDs (which applies to all kinds of games, not just MUDs and MMOs)

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