{SOLVED} Number Input


I am at lecture 20

here is my problem: after I push the up arrow it does react OK but I can’t input a number like on the video!

Any ideas?


Salut Jb :wink:

What do you mean by inputting a number like in the video?
I just re-watched the video and I can’t see a number input.



Thanks for the quick answer!

I guess I explained wrong

After you hit the up or down arrow there is the “Higher/Lower than xxx”

In the video after you get that message Ben Tristem pushes in numbers and get a new reaction fitting the number he pushed in.

I can’t seem to push any number in, I don’t know what I am missing!

I watched it a few tim and kept looking at the code but I don’t see a differnce

I am using Unity 2017.2



In this lecture there isn’t any number input, you simply indicate higher or lower and the NumberWizard takes another guess based on your decision.

The numbers you see in the console are the guesses taken by the algorithm, Ben simply pushes the up and down arrow keys. Sorry if I’m still not understanding your question :sweat_smile:

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Ohh! I understand now!

I feel stupid!

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

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No need to feel stupid. Player input is actually a really good extension to this game, several students have given it a go.

Once you complete this course version of the game, why not have a go at the very thing you thought it should have. Perhaps reverse the game so that the Number Wizard picks a number and the player enters their guesses?

Great way to learn a little more :slight_smile:

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