(Solved) how to save game as index.html file to upload to ShareMyGame

Hello, I am having difficulties finding out how it is you save you game file as a index.html file to be compressed & then uploaded to ShareMyGame.com. I’ve searched the internet looking for info and the best source I’ve found was this, (http://www.unm.edu/~chaveza/head_first_html_CreatingAndPreviewingYur1stWebPage.pdf).
I did what it recommended, got done with step six but I’m still confused. My guesses are saving the game maybe a different way or save just the code in the text edit application? I’m lost here. Anyways thanks you guys for any help you could give me. Cheers Gamers

Hello @Logan_Morris,

Which version of Unity are you using?

Forgot to put that in. Thanks for replying, it’s 4.6.9

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Hi Logan,

In order to create a WebGL build you will need to be running Unity 5.4+.

Prior to this, WebGL was not available/included. WebGL is the replacement for what was the Unity Web Player which required a component to be installed onto the clients browser in order to play the games. The underlying technology that this component required is no longer supported with modern browsers.

You could carry on as you are now and later in the course you will actually upgrade to Unity 5+ anyway, at which point you could always return to the previous games, update them and then publish them. This would allow you to continue with the course at this time without having to worry about any of the differences between the course and Unity versions. You could of course build stand alone versions of the games you’ve created so far if you wanted to show them to friends/family etc.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to a more recent version of Unity now, you would benefit by gaining the WebGL build option, but, you will need to be aware that there are a couple of changes between the older and new versions of Unity which will cause you an issue or two whilst completing the course. The team have provided additional lectures/resources to cover the details, and they are certainly well covered here on the forum from a support perspective.

I hope this helps.

Helped a lot! thanks Rob!

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Your more than welcome Logan - if you do upgrade, there’s lots of help here if needed.

Two main areas are;

  • Application.LoadLevel - obsolete - replaced with SceneManager.LoadScene (requires using SceneManagement; directive)

  • ParticleSystem - the way in which you access the properties has changed slightly

You will encounter both of these in BlockBreaker if you upgrade.

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