[SOLVED] How to prevent ball from passing through loose collider

How do you do? This is my first help question. I think I set correctly(unchecked in trigger and box collider), but ball is passing through. I googled it, I changed collision detection mode-countinuous from discrete default setting. but I couldn’t
solve the problem.

then, I added full brick image with box collider and loose script. It worked. What is difference of the result. Existence of sprite is essential part of colliding effect. Thank you for your knowledge sharing again.

So I see the box collider on your lose collider is in 3D and not a box collider 2d.
Could that be? Sorry about my english. I hope I have been helpful.


This is the problem: 3D physics doesn’t interact with 2D physics at all, not even colliders.


oh~ Thank you. Problem solved. 3D 2D I should have checked my selection of component.

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