[Solved] Cant reposition Text Mesh Pro Score Text

I can’t reposition the Score Text using the move tool. I can’t even select the text box.

The text is also following the camera around. Whenever I move the camera, the text stays in the center.

First Image shows my Game Canvas in Inspector:

Second image shows Score Text in the Inspector:

I have:

  • Updated Unity to the latest version
  • Updated Text Mesh Pro to latest version through Unity
  • Messed around with settings including Layer

I can move the position of the Score Text by changing the coords (POS X and POS Y).


First of all, double click on the Score Text game object in your Hierarchy to set the focus on it in the scene window. Then you should be able to move it in the scene. Bear in mind that a UI element must be arranged within the (big) Canvas box. The camera does not have anything to do with the position of the UI elements in the game window.

Or did you mean to say that the position values set themselves back to (0, 0, 0) after you changed them in the Inspector?

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