[Solved] Can't add due to conflicting component!

In the ball sprite we have to add a rigidbody component, and right after that, a circle collider 2D. But I cannot actually do that, since I get an error saying: "Can’t add component “CircleCollider2D’ to ball because it conflicts with the existing ‘Rigidbody’ derived component!”.
How do I solve this?
Thank you!


Can you pop up a screenshot of the error including the ball selected with it’s properties displayed (and expanded) in the Inspector please.

Hey Rob! I have already solved it, I was adding Rigidbody, not Rigidbody2D, that was the problem. Thank you!



I thought that may be the case from your description but wanted to check with the screenshot before I suggested it etc.

Well done on solving it yourself - great that you can move forwards again :slight_smile:

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