[SOLVED]Buttons Responding to Old Scripts

The issue I have is when replacing the old level manager script with the new number wizard one I enter play and it continues to operate under the old level manager script.

For example, I’ll click higher and then all of a sudden it sends me to the Win screen. I select lower and it’ll send me to the Lose screen.

I did not add an extra function to the button, I had merely over-taken the file much like in the video.

I am assuming (but hoping this won’t be the case) that I may need to delete those buttons or restart unity. I’ll try the restart first and that’ll take less effort.

Guess Higher:

Sorry to waste anyone’s time but I found it was a problem in the coding. I think I need to remain more alert as I had accidently done this:
maxGuessesAllowed = maxGuessesAllowed = - 1;
this error by adding the equals before the -1 meant I must’ve set it up to -1 when starting which was why I’d win EVERY time. I hope I don’t many any more errors like this, but I’m leaving this here just in the rare case someone does this error.

Also to tell myself not matter HOW sure I am that my code is fine, double check it before posting this up.


Replacing the buttons and restarting Unity did NOTHING. I do not know why but both scripts are tied to the buttons despite being separate and with only one being linked…

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