[Solved] Are current challenges designed to be done one at a week?

Hello, so I just subscribed to the Unity challenge club and I saw there are already 8 challenges .
My question is : Are you going to release one challenge each week beginning now or beginning in 8 weeks ?

It’s just to know if I should limit myself to one challenge each week or if I can do multiple ones knowing that eventually I’ll have the weekly new ones as soon as next week :slight_smile:


One for @Rick_Davidson or @StephenHubbard… time differences to be expected…

I believe the challenge Tim was doing on the twitch stream (Pinball) is being released on Thursday, and they plan to drop a new one each Thursday.

The 8 current ones are there can take as long or as little as you like :). You might get really excited and interested in one of them and spend a few days/week on it taking it further. Or you may just crack through one in a few hours and be happy with that. So how long you want to take on them is up to you.
But as for new content, i “believe” it’ll be a new one a week starting this Thursday :).

The current plan is to release a new one each week. Starting this Thursday :slight_smile:

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Thanks @StephenHubbard for the confirmation, this is going to be a hell of a ride to maintain such a release pace :slight_smile: