[SOLVED] Apple M1 Pro intellisense problems in VSCode

UE 4.27.2
VS Code 1.63.2
UE Intellisense Fixes 2.3.0

Hi community. Trying to follow the [Unreal Engine C++ Developer] course and having issues with intellisense in VSCode. First of all i did everything as per the instructions from the course. Also tried the following:

  • Deleted .vscode folder and workspace file, re-generated the project from UE;
  • Refreshed vs code project from UE;
  • Installed UE Intellisense extension and activated the fixes in settings;
  • Restarted VS Code billion times;
  • Uninstalled all the extensions and only left as per below:

I have the following errors:

What i have in output:

My c_cpp_properties.json:

Please help.

In case someone has the same issue - it works fine with UE 4.26.2