[SOLUTION] Slow pc when using Unreal/Blender/Unity

More of an information post as i was going crazy recently with my project.
Unreal kept locking up each time i changed folders for anything up to 30-60 seconds before opening the folder.
I investigated and found that svchost was using up 25% of my CPU (I use a 3.4ghz quad core) whilst unreal and others were using the other %.
I tracked the svchost using find services and it led to Windows update.
Not unusual just stop the download or install right? Nope because i have those set to download and install when i choose but still the svchost was sitting at 25% of my CPU.
At this point i end tasked the svchost (DO NOT DO THIS unless you know what you are doing) and it solved the issue and doesnt reoccur until you reboot.
Of course the easy option is to do the updates but what was wierd was it was using 25% when its not supposed to be doing anything,

TLDR svchost = 25% = Windows Updates even if they are turned off.
Solution = Do updates or if you know what you are doing end task the relevant svchost to carry on working and do them later.

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