[Solution] scaling and aligning shortcut

Jumping the gun a bit, but I wanted to find a way to align the 2 cyclinders of the speaker so they were aligned to be the same distance out of the cube. Once you have placed your first cylinder you want to now place and align the second cylinder. Once you have created your second cylinder you can

1/ Select both cylinders. Note the larger cyclinder, which is already positioned should be the active cylinder.

2/ From the 3d menu (at the bottom of the viewport), select Object-> Transform -> Align Objects

3/ You should see the “Align Object” options in the operator panel.

  1. Set “align mode” to positive (or negative sides), and “Align” should be set to X (or y depedning on how you’ve oriented your models on the XY plane).

Your cylinders should now both be protruding equally outside the cube. Next you want to scale the top cyclinder. But you want to scale it on 2 axis only, (Y and and lock the x axis). To do this

1/ Select your cyclinder

2/ Press S

3/ Press shift X to lock YZ scaling only and prevent scaling from enlarging the cylinder’s length (ie X axis)

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