Solid , wireframe modes

why when i am in solid and wireframe modes
i can’t see my objects , although i can see them in shading and rendering mode??

Very odd. One thing I notice is in your first image you have the ‘Display as’ on ‘Solid’ it is usually ‘Textured’.

i switched it to texture but nothing change :frowning:

Not sure here, but seems like perhaps there’s a setting that might be affecting the viewport.

Go to the Material Tab and check the Tab “Viewport Display”.

Then click on the colour and make sure the Alpha is turned up to 1.0.
I don’t know if that is the problem but perhaps you turned it down to make windows transparent or to help you work on the model while in Edit Mode and didn’t switch it back.

well i tried now but it did not work , i dont know what did i do , but can i just Append the project to a new blender file ?

That would most likely solve the issue yes, unless it’s something set up in the material itself.

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yup i did that and it worked well , i still don’t know what is the problem , lol , and thank you so much Mark

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