Social anxiety as a developer


My name is Gael and I would like to start a conversation about social anxiety as a developer. I think this is a topic that needs to be discussed, but we don’t talk about it that much, because… Well, usually people that feel social anxiety of some sort also feel ashamed and less than.

That is my case too. I’ve been learning game dev, 3D art and lots of different skills to make games for more than 4 years now. Nevertheless, I am very hesitant of showing my work. I’m always looking for the next course, the next project, the next “thing” that will be actually good, never really finishing anything. In my head, I’m never good enough, so I need to learn something else to actually be “good”.

But the next thing I learn never gives me the confidence I need to actually put my work (and myself) out there and actually get noticed, land a job, get followers or do anything that will actually lead me to be successful. I am, as they say, my worse enemy.

So I’m asking you now:
What things do you do to get past these anxieties? What helps you feel more confident when posting your work?

I would love to hear your insights in this topic, as it will greatly help me, and I hope others too :relaxed:

Thank you very much!


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Am an artist and the best way to over come anx is to not over come it, just do what you do. I know I will be different and not worried about that. Saying that, getting feedback on my work is just part of the process. Gaming is my interest and hobby.

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Hi Gael!

I know this is an old post but I have some thoughts for anyone else that might stumble into this thread.

Sharing your work is always a leap of faith, especially if your main drive for doing such work is a pure and true passion. It is very much a part of you and the idea of devaluing yourself and your journey via others not seeing your work the same way is certainly scary. Add the idea that your current work will only improve over time and doesn’t deserve to be seen in its current state, and you will be very easily caught in a loop. A progressive, productive loop yes, but a very lonely one.

I have two thoughts on overcoming this through perspective.

  1. just close your eyes, hit publish, and be patient. It may not seem natural but what is the worst that can happen?
    There are thousands of creators out there and millions of consumers with individual tastes. The right audience might not be successfully reached by your post initially, but they are out there somewhere . When fates do align, seeing your content will certainly make their day.

  2. Find a joy in uploading purely for yourself. (You can think of it as an archive of your progress and work [“A Gael GameDev Museum” if you will] ). The pressures to capitalize on your craft can be very tempting, but don’t let them steer you away from the reason you got into this business. You are an artist and inventor first. You do what you do because it is in your nature and YOU are always going to be your own biggest fan. Businesses that get to make money off of you and consumers that get to enjoy your work are simply a side-effect.

Hey Gael, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Social anxiety can be such a tough thing to deal with, especially as a developer.

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