So.. why are there two separate sprites for the player?

why the character sprite is divided into bottom and top?

There’s no explanation in the video for it, but I’ve used it to give my snowboarder a bit of ‘springyness’ when he lands, as well as the ability to ‘grab’ his board in the front or back when he’s in the air. Perhaps that was the idea when the sprites were made, but it never made it into the final product

Hi Ethan,

It is true that it wasn’t mentioned in the video. I think Rick’s initial idea was to animate Barry at some point but animating the character in the first project of this course would have significantly increased the complexity of the section.

When you completed the course and if you want to animate the character, you could try to challenge yourself. Since Barry already consists of two parts, you won’t have to edit the sprite. :slight_smile:

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