So noobie1 thinks he/she can hack

Made with changes to the stock prefab’s font + write functionality.


Very cool, how did you get the cursor to appear on the end of the last line instead of at the beginning of the line below it?

I have modified the terminal prefab to prevent it from adding a new line after every line is displayed.
Specifically you could look at the DisplayBuffer.cs file shown below. If you remove the new line character “\n” being added in there and then add them in manually along with the text you want displayed you will be able to get the cursor to show up like I did…


Love the shell prompt, adding this to my project too :smiley:

Thanks downtownbob. I also have a playthru video of the thing posted here showing progress since this mockup. Its incomplete but includes some of the additional bits I enjoyed adding in - except for the anagram game lol. Terminal Hacker OS! progress so far - playthru vid

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