So i have a problem when compileing

so i have a problem when compileing but i dont know to to fix it can someone help pls

this is the message log ue sends when i try to compile

and when i press on each link it brings me here

i dont know what to do and if i dont fix it

im sorry im a biginner lol

You need to include

#include "PhysicsEngine/PhysicsHandleComponent.h"
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in the cpp file???

nvm i already put it onthe cpp file and it still doent work

and it shows this in the edditor

even when i include the file you sead

If it compiles, ignore it.

I have a problem that if I use cl triplex.cpp it tells me cl is not a command and does not work

Can you post a separate topic for this question?

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no it doesnt compile

when i was doing the course i updated my visual studios i dont know if that could be a problem

What is the compilation error you are getting?

On a side note IntelliSense is terrible at detecting errors with Unreal, change your error list to just be “Build” instead of “Build + IntelliSense”

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ok thanks but how do i change it???

It’s in your screenshot, click the drop down arrow.

im sorry for the trouble im a bigginer

but witch one i have 3 screenshots

All of them except the first

like this???

Yes but I think you may have misunderstood what I said. That was a side point as Intellisense is not reliable with errors.

When you compile, what error do you get?

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