So how is everybody's New Year Resolution?

Did anybody else have any blender or other creative goals for their new year resolution? Course related or personal project related?

Late last year I had a look through all my courses I owned across various websites and pulled out the most relevant ones for the goals and things I want to achieve. Things along the lines of Game design, Animation, and modeling. Some of the courses I owned were just too old and others were little extras that came along with bundles. So picking out the most important ones was pretty nice.

So my resolution had basically become that. Try to work may way through these courses! proud to announce I have been going strong since! :grin:

My biggest goal is to just become familiar with the tools Unity and Blender. Not an expert, I just want to get to the point where I kind of know what I’m doing and can freely play in the software without getting lost every 2 minutes.

How about you?

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I’ve been visiting GameDev for a long time. And built up decent Blender knowledge to get things done quickly and efficiently. But there’s a lot more to learn in Blender. Hardware is becoming a bottleneck here. I’m using an old laptop, and certain Blender features (Sculpting, geo-node, painting) quickly hit the laptop’s max.
I am currently engrossed in modeling for 3D printers. In itself, this seems to be identical to visual 3D, but it has its own problems.

All I can say is that you have to do a lot of small projects. The weekly GameDev Collab is handy for this if you don’t know what you want to model. Or look at the topics in recent years.

You also have to keep your own doing in mind. What do you like best: 3D modeling or programming…


3d Printing wow! That sounds really cool FedPete!
If I end up getting the hang of this 3d stuff I have thought about dabbling in the 3d printing area. It seems like a lot of fun. A buddy of mine does a bit of 3d printing himself and shows me some of the cool things he makes.

Weekly project thing you say? I might have to look into that. Thank you for the heads up!

What do I like more? Hmmm. You know, I dont really know yet!! I really am just learning all this stuff for the fun of it! Up until relatively recently I always thought both programming and 3d anything were just impossible for me. So buckling down and giving all this stuff a legit honest try has really been a pretty surreal experience for me. I have a bit of a background in hobby animations for both stop motion and Flash. So I kind of view 3d and Game design as a sort of evolution to that. I have a lot of respect for people that know their way around the the various softwares.

I like to think my bar is pretty low for what I expect of myself, but then again, not long ago I literally thought all this stuff was impossible! So any progress made is pretty wild! :crazy_face:

It’s not impossible FedPete!


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