So good so far: Quick break down

So I have some experience with C# and not much was new, but the course is performing EXCELLENT in terms of what I expected:

· Filling up the gaps in my knowledge of C#.
· Making sure to reasure everything I know is right.
· Heads up on any missconceptions I might have about how I understood code.

Also a plus:
· Explanations are specific and thorough, but agile and clear. Amazing pace!
· It is amazing how you guys make mistakes on purpose to show on how to fix them. 10/10.

I spect to be able to pick up on everything once the course starts dealing with stuff I never heard about before.

So far the course provided me with the following:

  • I learned how to join strings and ints
  • I clarified my conceptions on how to use constructors.
  • I noticed you can actually do print “(my_var == 1)” although I wish I could use it with the “Console.Writeline” too, dunno why that didn’t work and I hope the course gets to eventually explain that because that syntax seems potentially pretty useful.

So good so far!

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