Snowman Scene

Here’s my first scene I made in Blender. It’s just a little winter scene. I started with the snowman and it just sort of snowballed from there.
I rendered it with Eevee because Cycles came out way too grainy. Does anyone know why it does that?


Very nice scene! I like the depth and overall composition. The elements fit together nicely. Have you tried smooth shading the snow man?

Maybe somebody more advanced than me knows the exact reason, but I think the reason Cycles is grainy is something about it being more realistic for processing light, but taking more time/resources to do so (I think Mike goes over it briefly later in section 1). All the really photo-realistic scenes you see that were made in blender were probably rendered using Cycles. It’s just a bit more involved to make it look good.

There are several possibilities:

  • Increase samples. normaly 64 or 128 for quick rendering with a lot of noise. Make it 512, 1024 or higher. But nice results with a high computing time.
  • Lights! On grainy places, where few light rays can come. It getting grainy. Add lights solve that problem.
  • Glass materials, because of the complexity of light rays in glass. It can be a problem.
  • You can activate de-noising options. But at a cost of image sharpness, etc.

It’s a continuous struggle of composition, materials, render time, project goal, etc.

So for a first scene it is an impressive piece of work. I like the composition and view depth.
Keep on going, all problems you encountered in this stage will be discussed in upcoming lessons.

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