Snow Dust also Playing on Crash

Snow dust trail effect is also playing when the player crashes his head and snowboard is not touching the ground.

I have taken a rigidbody and a capsule collider for snowboard in the player game object.
Player game object has child top and bottom.
The top child has a circle collider for head.

  • Player - capsule collider, rigidbody, and dust trail script
    • Top - circle collider
    • Bottom


Why do you expect the snowboard to touch the ground? Your screenshot looks as if the head collider is colliding with the ground. In your screenshot, the snowboard collider is above the head collider.

This could also be because you didn’t do your function properly. You want to stop the partial effect on crash. So assuming you have a crash function for sound and such, stop your partial effect on the same function using
.Stop(); on your particle effect, I would also look though all your code, and your tags on your game objects

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