Snow Ball Tumble


I decided that for my version of the rail shooter the player would be skiing down a mountain and throwing snowballs (or stakes – not exactly decided which; maybe even rocket propelled chunks of ice) to take down the yeti’s that destroyed the mountain village they were staying at on retreat as they race to the bottom and safety dodging trees and other objects thrown by the yeti’s to try to knock them down (these yeti’s are hungry and territorial).

Ideally jumping, ramps, falling; tricks in the air for extra stunts as the player is being measured for time to the bottom (and making it their at all).

(And yes originally I was planning to do just the normal thing and decided I might as well try this after the first frame where they showed the white mountain that made up the initial version of Argon’s surface.)

Anyways, everyone best of luck and have fun with your projects!

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An initial shot of the mountain terrain created through levelling.


Another shot with some free terrains

Created a circuit for the course – theirs probably a better method for a game like this that goes from one point to another and doesn’t have the jerkiness and speed differences (dependent on distance between waypoint?)

As a next step I would want to setup separate collisions between the player and enemy objects and terrain (enemy objects knocking out (later I can work on damage) the player and terrain I just want t make it so that the player doesn’t go through if possible for now).

Screenshot of FlyingCube_temp in the scene with a scoreboard:

Beat chart (or more precisely beat points):

  1. The power lines are out. The chair lift can’t be used and we need you to get down to the bottom of the mountain where the generator is to check it out.
  2. Be careful the mountain is treacherous.
  3. I think I see something through the snow.
  4. Oh my god, what are those?!!
  5. Watch out – Yeti’s! It’s Yetis!
  6. Looks like you took them out. I hope there aren’t any more heading towards the village.
  7. We’re defenseless without power. We can’t shut the gate!
  8. It’s too quiet.
  9. They’re here!
  10. Hurry up! We’re not going to last much longer-- shh (radio silence).
  11. Just in time… I think most of us are still here.

Something like that off the seat of my pants.

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