SneakPunk: My Heist Meisters

Before moving on I thought I’d post my version of Heist Meisters here for people to play. I’ve polished it up a lot and it should be fully fleshed out in terms of progression and menus including a pause menu, level brief and loading screen, etc and I’ve exported it as an exe for Windows and an app for Mac. I could have added more levels and even have a level loading screen set up to load a brief for each level from a json, but I’d rather move on to the next project and then my own games. This one was fun as I’ve always loved stealth games, one feature I’m proud of adding is making the light sources through the level be a bit more dangerous by allowing guards to spot you from further away if you’re in light. If anyone is curious about anything I’ve done I’ll be happy to post code and my process, if there is enough interest I’ll zip up the whole project and post it.

Happy playing!
(this file will be gone after 30 days, but I figure that’s long enough, if you’re reading this after that period and want a new upload just ask)


Hi, i’m interested to see your Heist Meister Project for learning purpose, can you re upload the project file? Thank you.

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