Sneaking tiger Hidden secrets flow chart

It took me way too long to finish and i probably be working too hard for the game to be finish, and I am going to have to proofread every single state and included soo many endings… honestly tho I am going to have so much fun.

and since we are having issue reading, here is the Flowchart link.

please tell me its not bad… please!AvIGjHFW35gD32K6QxvY7Jr-EKoi?e=aK3dal


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may i have feedback please?


Its hard to give feedback with just a flowchart and without being able to read the plot, but from what I’m seeing just be a little careful with those straight lines, I mean those sections with no decisions to make, those can bore the player, also, what’s with those branches that lead to nowhere? I’m actually just assuming things, but just by looking at your chart I imagine red squares are bad endings while green squares are good endings, yellow squares… well I have no idea, but I see a lot branches that lead to neither green nor red nodes, so not sure what is going on there.

So, without being able to fully understand your chart the only real feedback I can give is to be careful with those straight branches with no decisions, be sure to write them as interesting as possible without teasing a possible choice that isn’t coming.

Its a very large flowchart because i am incorporating stories with choices, problem being that I ended up writing more stories than i do choice, each yellow square represents a setting , while the first three squares represents a character you chose to adventure with a different companion.

granted i went overboard but it just makes it fun for me since i like to write

while i understand that not having enough green nodes is a Issue, I took the Liberty to make sure every game over ending is red and every Came complete is Green.

the idea of this adventure that we have three phases for each, the character selection, the infiltration, and the escape, tho its varies depending on who is adventuring with you, you can have one person who is willing to go with what you planed, or one who has to be a handful and does what he want

I added a link to the original post @Yee

You obviously love to write, I can clearly see that. What I’m about to say it’s from a game design perspective, not from a writer’s perspective.

Some of the decisions make no sense at all, not all of them, just some. Example;
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I honestly don’t know why passing out is a choice, it’s weird. I also kinda get it, it’s a sort of trap, but it might cause issues with the players attitude towards the game, having this sort of “trap” decisions can make the player take the game a lot less serious, making it pick the “fun” choices just for… well… fun, which might be intended, so, there are several question you should answer when doing a game as big as this one.

What’s the player experience you are aiming for? Is this a serious tale? I’ve seen that is kinda weird, a path takes you to boss battles and other to… eating delicious dumplings, which is weird, I love dumplings btw. I’m actually quite pleased with what I read, but, Is that the intention? Is that what the player should experience?

Again, from a game design perspective, try not to forget you are making a game, try to answer that question “What’s the player experience going to be like?”, that’s your first priority, after that is just about tuning your story. I’m telling you this because I’ve seen a lot of writers get carried away with the plot and forget the actual limitations of what they are doing. That’s the only feedback I can give you right now, but please do tag me when finishing your game, I’l gladly play it so I can give more in depth feedback.

Well i can be willing to edit the choices or paths, I already gone to the point of implementing the choices in the game tho, This is my first time making a branching choose your own adventure story and I this is the kinda push that i need. if we need to make the paths more clear I would like to hear it.

also I never noticed that the story i was making makes the tone goes all over the place and i apologized for that, perhaps i should just remove the vague retry from the begging entirely or make more meaning choices

What I truly suggest is just go for it, it’s kinda hard to experience the full game just with a flow chart because I can see how the sections intersect and how it will end, with the game working I cannot see those things, that changes the experience a lot.

I also noticed there are some branches that aren’t finished. Just enjoy your project and test it out when finished.