Sneak peak of my little movie

So, I have decided to make a small animated movie with Charlie. I have never tried animation before (only rigged characters for poses and used mixamo animations). This is a good challenge for me. Hopefully it turns out good. :grinning:

Any feedback and tips appreciated!


Be more playful in placing items.
The pizza box aligns with the table.
The table aligns with the bench.
The bench aligns with the TV set.

Make the TV display wider than the height.
Use photo references from that area for correct dimensions.

Lighting depends on what you are trying to do.
Now it emits from above. Not from the TV set.
Maybe, use a spotlight in front of the TV pointing to the figure.
But that’s more you as a designer trying to get an atmosphere or a story setting.

Love the story of sitting on a couch, looking for a couch.


That’s some nice tips. I never thought about the alignments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Will change that. I am a bit confused on how I should light the scene. I have a light emitting from the tv but I don’t want it to be intense since it’s an old tv not the modern ones with bright screens.
I want the character to be visible because he is the main focus along with the pizza slice on the plate. I also want it to be dark since it’s going to be kind of a horror movie.
Right now I have an area light with yellow tint pointing to the character and a point light near the tv screen.

So I might play with the lighting and see what fits.

The mistakes I usually make with lighting, is thinking on how it works in real life.
A lamp on the ceiling, an TV emitting light etc.
But in the 3D world everything to about emulating, and faking things.

You’ve probably have an emitting chair image (mesh, material). Which is good idea. But increasing the emission strength make is it blend to white (which is normal physics behavior). But a cone shaped lamp in front of this image give you more control on light issues. Mocking the real thing.
This cone shaped lamp will also cast other shadows on / from the pizza box for example. Look up photo references of google.

Have fun!


Ooh that’s insightful. I’ll look into that. I’ll probably mess with the lighting at the end after the animation is done. I bet it’s going to take a while animating this scene so I want to have that a priority first and along the way get ideas of the lighting. Thanks. This is a project I am really looking forward to

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I’m looking forward to the finished animation. :blush::sparkles:


:grinning: Thank you. It’s going to be challenging for me hehe but I’ll try to do the best I can.

Very excited to see this as it changes!

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Hehe Thanks.

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