Snake attack animation

Made a small scene with the snake. I think this is my first armature animation I’ve done :slight_smile:


You doing the “legacy” course?

This is the remaster part of character course. Lesson 104. Udemy linked me to this part of forums :smiley:

Oh, right! :sweat_smile:
You’re almost done with the course then… well done for getting this far!

For a second I thought it was from the 2.79 course.
I recommend the “Animation principles” section from the legacy 2.79 course when you’re done with this one… the topics covered apply to any animation medium and I found it very valuable.

If you wanna learn about the LNA editor though you’ll have to do research elsewhere… only thing not really covered in depth in courses; probably because it doesn’t apply to gamedev all that much :man_shrugging:

Yes! This course takes a bit of time to learn. I think it’s the most “homework hour per video hour” among all the courses I did with But this is a good thing! I learnt a lot (and still am!).

Ah! That’s a good tip! I’ll give it a shot… and maybe review the legacy course for other gems not covered here! Thanks!

Ah, cool. Good to know!

Love the lighting! Really pulls it all together. I also see you used the tress from ur month of low poly challenge, really nice!

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Kinky snake! Good start.

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