Smudging shading in Krita possible?

Could you please describe how you can smudge your shading using digital tools? I found it difficult to do in Krita because the app does not have burshes for blending just like the blender brushes in Corel Painter.

Pretty sure many of the painting brushes blend automatically but if you’re looking for blending brushes specifically here they are:

Roughly halfway down the list.

Thanks for pointing them out. Version differences to brush sets as well as less information on specific Krita brushes were barring me from spotting those blender brushes.

I’ve tried out the blender brushes just now and found out both Blender Basic and Blender Smear smudge shading a bit too much and that using Blender Rake and Blender Knife Edge for fine-tuning made smudging a lot closer to the shading demonstrated in the lecture video.

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