Smash - bowling alley - final render

After coming to the end of chapter 3, here is my final render for the BOWLING ALLEY section. This is about as good as I could get the reflections and shadows considering I am brand new to this (AND MY 10 YEAR OLD PC could not take much more before wanting to quit). lol

I Photoshop’d the wood grain of the lanes and pin setting machine gfx and figured out how to apply them in the material properties and set them on “planes”, scaled up appropriately. Wow!

Any tips on how to improve overall look is appreciate.

Try to replace the background image, by a mesh object.
Use Blender Text object for the title etc…


looks great I like the background as well.

THX Pete. That will have to happen after a few more lessons I think, as far as making the background image a mesh object? I be only in the 1st month or so with Blender and the course I’m taking at udemy has gotten me this far. Not sure how to do what you are advising but I can imagine that topic will be addressed soon I hope.

Thanks Timothy :slight_smile: Appreciate it. Blender is the most complex software I’ve ever encountered. lol Never really tried Maya.

it seems very complicated but, I have been using it for sometime now and it does get easier and Mike is a great instructor. I just swithced over to this new version and am taking the course over again to to refresh myself on it.

also I think he is using the beta version right now and there have been some changes in the full release so if you have any difficulties I will try to help you out if I can still trying to figure out some things myself.

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Thank you, appreciate it… I fight to find the way(s) to make it work so if I ever ask is because I tried and ran out of options.

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