Small update on the Ogre - Hand transplant

Hello There!

After a short break from the course, I’m back on track, and did the UV mapping.

But I got frustrated with the original hands,

So, I spent some time modelling a new pair.

I’ll mask the seam between the arm and the hand using a glove, or wrists band.

Should be able to rig the hand to make a fist or hold a … shot gun.
And yes, I made an ammo belt, playing around with the shrink wrap modifier :smiley:

More to come.



Great progress!
A good shape to implement the details.

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This was a journey - the shrink wrap modifier really would benefit allowing to wrap around two separated objects, like the hands - arm. Yes, I could merge them. And no, I don’t want to.

To hide the seam, I played around with a cylinder, snapped vertices to surface and subdivision modifiers, Solidify modifier and a multires modifier. Random order to see which combo works.


UV unwrap done too.

Next, everything will be unwrapped into one map, and then we going to bake an Ogre



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