SM_Door won't open


At first when the trigger is added it would work and open the door, after the door collision is added the door still works and opens.
But when I added the ceiling using the glass window as a temporary collision, the door won’t open again.

I don’t know what exactly I should share so someone would check it, but please tell me, I have been around this for like 1 hour and I have tried to undo many times and still won’t work, I made sure that in VS the code is there that is responsible for opening the door.

Inform me what should I share with you so you can help me.

Thank you.

Hello again,

I realized that because I clicked undo at a point when I was optimizing the glass window as a ceiling; I undo when we go to the drop down window next to play and select ( Selected Viewport ).

Good way to keep in mind what would mess things up.

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