SM_Door seems to have an existing, complex hitbox [It doesn't I was mistaken]

Just wondered if this is something that has been added in the engine/editor since the lecture was recorded and other people are seeing it too? In Unreal Engine 4.14.3, editing the mesh for SM_Door and turning on collision, without having added anything myself, shows an existing collision box, exactly following the doors shape.

I seem to remember there was some sort of mesh on the door but we used a simplified mesh for ease.
Are you sure its the collision mesh showing and not just the mesh of the door.

I havent got unreal to hand at the moment to double check.

Thanks, it was my mistake. Turning on the collision view was just also highlighting the door mesh. It wasn’t a collision box, so I added the simple cuboid as in the tutorial.

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Any time :slight_smile: It threw me a little the first time i saw it too. Probably why i remembered it.

Thanks for bringing this up - as the engine updates and something doesn’t show up the same as in the tutorial it makes it a little more difficult to understand.

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