Slowly Making Progress on a Dragon

Been working on this course since discovering it a few days ago. I’m fairly new to Blender, and mostly trying to immerse myself in various things to hammer in tools and and concepts. Here’s how my fellow’s been coming along!


Hi and welcome.
Nice model!

  • Did you know you can save screens shots buy Blender MAINMENU > WINDOW > SAVE SCREENSHOT?
  • Use the Show section for more attention value. The talk section is about talking Blender #D in general.

Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part.

Very good dragon. Very different tail style.


Thank you!

  • I did not know that, and I thank you for pointing that out. I’m still very much in the “I dunno what I dunno” stage, from small stuff like that to more generalized ideas, which is part of why I’m trying to immerse myself in varying ways. So, thanks!
  • I will keep that in mind for the future. I’m not used to navigating this forum yet, and in my uncertainty did a bit of monkey-see, monkey-do in taking cues from the other fellow who’d commented on the same video.

Edit: Through some exploration, I discovered I could simply move it to Show. That’s nice to know. I’ll read up on the Show forum’s “How to Share Your 3D Models” bit before next time I’m ready to share.


I love this phrase and feel the same way about many things :laughing: :laughing:
Nice dragon, it has a kind of older look going on with the whisker tentacle things on it’s face.


Perhaps useful for swimming? OR as an extra push or point of stability while flying?

Decent dragon, it looks like it has some slight aquatic features involved here.


Actually the intention, yes, so I’m delighted that came across!


That’s an amazing model!

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