Slight problem with neck

I have a deep indentation in the neck which I cannot remove.
I’ve pulled and push with the available brushes but they make things much worse.
This is the best I could do so far.
Is there a way to fix this?


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If it will not smooth out, one option is to go to edit mode and either move the verts back into place near enough to sculpt again or even delete an area and make a new face or two covering the hole. Then a remesh should sort out the mesh density, back to even.


I’m assuming you are using 5

The easiest solution would probably be to remove the excess in Edit mode then fill it with an n-gon or two.



Select the faces for deletion, use “C” circle select. Try to keep the edge “border” as straight and convex as possible. If you’re struggling to select faces inside you can just delete the rim around the indent, then select one face of the leftover geometry and use “Ctrl+L” to select connected, then delete.

In edge select mode use “Alt+Select” then press “F” to fill the hole with an n-gon, if one is glitchy go to vert select and connect some geometry to split the hole into more manageable regions, then fill.
Usually, n-gons are something to be avoided but since we’re sculpting and using dyntopo we can easily get rid of it by just going over it with a brush.

Use the smoothing brush to smooth out the region where the hole was.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I went into edit mode they scrolled inside the body to remove the excess vertices.
It felt like doing surgery, and was a bit fiddly. I had to select a vertex and ctrl + to select more.
After some time I joined them together to fill the hole.
I dragged it out of the body with the snake tool then smoothed it.
Here is the final result.


Well done, bit of a fiddle about but gets it solved.

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