Slick sign up


Loved the slick sign up, forum’s colours are a bit gloomy.

Happy to be here :slight_smile:


Gravatar has now appeared, must be web connection :slight_smile: Nice


Welcome Mikey!

Is it the background colour you’d like to improve? If so can you suggest a dark hex colour for me to try?


000000 Quite dark I believe :wink:

I like the awards for using features like editing and emojis

Let me turn off Flux to assess


Colour isn’t so glooomy with flux of
I’ll get my coat…


I’ll try black, but may not differentiate top bar enough


I quite like the grey, some links are in a blue which makes them a little harder to see if I’m not sitting quite right when looking at the laptop screen. I do like the black banner with the greene logo/writing. This thread however has the title ein a dark grey on the black which makes it harder to read, as is the “site feedback” text under it. :slight_smile:


Agreed, perhaps something a little darker that this just to contrast with the med grey items


The drop down menu next to the profile picture has a goblin green background with dark blue again for the links which doesn’t quite contrast perhaps as well as it could. Sorry, I have started the nit picking now which I didn’t want to do…

@Michael_Bridges started it! :stuck_out_tongue:


@BenTristem en Doesn’t need much, try a setting of #222222


@Rob Ooo we can @ people :smiley:


Very nice on mobile too. There is definitely some tweaking to be done on style but I’m loving the over all experience.:grin:


Thanks @Rob , I’ve asked my designer to create a palette.


This is fulid and reactive without refreshing too :slight_smile: Hey Sam!


hehe, I know, I was hoping I would earn a badge for it :smiley:


I was about to pop up a link to one of those online colour palette sites where it give you complimentary and contrasting colours etc… I will leave in the capable hands of your designer :slight_smile:


Love the gamefication, makes me want to find other things I could do… Was surprised I didn’t get one for a picture


Is that uploaded, or linked to Michael?


Uploaded from a google search for sad puppy haha :wink:


It’s pinged some notifications to Chrome too which is very cool… I have found the “quote whole post” icon, was trying to work out how to make the replies to specific replies more obvious… that’s just a case of me learning the tools :slight_smile: