Slashes showing up in sculpting mode

For some reason, vertical slashes are showing up in sculpting mode when I try to sculpt. It is difficult to try and sculpt with only slashes. I have tried varying different settings. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Hello, first - you model is too low poly for detailed sculpt, only 22k - try raise up to ~ 100/200 etc
Second, you have warning message: rabbit with subsurf mod - not supported in dynamesh.
Instead subsurface - use multiresolution mod or apply susurf and then play with sculpt

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Hi @Brooks_Pollock,

It looks like you are using dynotopo which depending on the details size can add a lot geometry when scuplting. This is generally fine, but I just wanted to say that you know what settings you are using. Also like Jakarta said, multires do not work with dynotopo, AFAIK. You can use either or.

Did you notice you have subtract mode on? This, with selected brush, actually creates crevices, scratches if you will. Also your brush size looks to match the scratch size. Try switching to another brush, also try to change to add (if this is what you want) and finally inrease the brush size.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

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Thanks for the assistance. I suspect the problem was that I applied the subsurface modifier to the whole rabbit after I had joined the ears rather than on the ears before I had joined them as he had done in the video. I rebuilt the rabbit, only applying the subsurface modifier to the ears and everything was fine. With the previous method, I had ended up with over 3,000,000 faces ( a little pokey). It is now behaving normally.
Again, thanks for the assistance

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