Skybox Render

It’s hard to tell I even used one of the provided skyboxes because it is zoomed in so far. Is there a way to move or scale the skybox?

I’m having same problem

Hi @Jonathan_Greeley and @KarateAthlete,

Yes it’s possible. It I guess depends a bit how you have done the skybox but at least it’s possible while using cycles and environment texture (HDRI).

So in the nodes editor switch to world (use nodes checkbox on). Add vector->mapping and add input-> texture coordinate. Use generated / object as vector to mapping node and then vector to vector in the environment texture. Now you can move the position the image however you see fit. Scaling doesn’t seem to have any effect though. Ultimately you wont be able to move and rotate as much as you want because the image becomes distorted. But if you have a good resolution HDRI image you most likely can find a “natural” background for you model.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

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Thanks - haven’t tried this but will in a bit but… if I understand correctly, your method will allow us to swivel the image around but not scale. The problem we’re experiencing is that the image is blurry because its scaled up too far. I was unable to replicate the effects in the lecture with a nice realistic background. I just got blurry colors. The above moon image is the only one I got anything remotely usable but I had to turn my camera around to find the moon. Otherwise it was just blue with blurry white blobs. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. It seemed to load nicely scaled in the lecture. Maybe my model is scaled too small? Too big?

Jax, your method worked well for repositioning the background, but did not help with the scaling, unfortunately. Every Equirectangular map I used appeared to be extremely zoomed in, ruining the resolution of the background and making certain elements appear way out of scale. I had the same problem with the moon that KarateAthlete had, with it appearing massive and taking up the entire background. I even tried some very large high-res skyboxes I found online and still had the same problem.

I had better luck with Mirror Balls though, so I will stick with them for now.

My mirror balls suck too.



Notice clouds and sunset are all distorted and blurry in mine. Ground is too but hard to see i this pic. I had to rotate this to find a spot that had ANY kind of detail in the picture. The rest was just a big blur.

Time to summon the Gods… Oh @Michael_Bridges ??? (I feel like Harry Potter summoning a spell to help.)

Hi KarateAthlete and Jonathan_Greeley,

If I am not completely mistaken HDRI maps are not usually used as background images rather to give natural ambient light and things to be reflected from surfaces. Even if you do have a extra high resolution HDR using them as background might end up with the problems you are already facing.

I would probably try to use just single flat plane and image if a background image is needed.

I did a quick render with a HDRI image as my environment texture but it’s not visible to camera. And I have highly reflective ball that reflects now a “natural” light coming from the HDRI. Of course this setup is not ideal since this is a nature HDRI and I have a strange blueish quad where my weird ball sits on. (maybe it’s a table in the middle of the field, who knows). And the quality is certainly good enough for reflections and as a light source.

Cheers, Jax

That makes sense, it should be easy enough to create a literal skybox for the background.

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