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Hello there, I want to apply skin textures on my sculpted model. What are the steps that I need for that? Do I need to simplify my model polygon before undergoing any texturing?

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It depends on your model and the way you’ve constructed the mesh.
In the UV editor, you can cut the mesh into parts you need to match the bitmap.
The mesh in the UV map can be manipulated to fit precisely the bitmap.
But that said, it will probably not work as an exact match.

Then you need a bit of texture painting in Blender. And use that bitmap (incl. a uv bitmap overlap) in Krita, GIMP or Photoshop to make a texture.

You can also go for a procedural texture, no UV map is needed but then you still need to color in the lips, eyes, etc.


I increase my mesh density when sculpting. Currenly, I have 88k faces. Do I need to retopologize before applying procedural textures?

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You can apply textures to any poly size model. Just bigger files will be more demanding on the computer.
Most depends on your end use intents for it. It is not that high poly, sculpted models can be in the millions of faces. Then if needed retopologised.


No! Because the textures are based on math in 3D space.

What I do is use procedural methods for the skin (you can find solutions on the web).
And using (transparent or color mix) texture bitmaps for lips, eyebrows, etc. merged with the procedural texture. But then you need UV maps. Which can be used without retopo (as is). But it can slow down your PC. Then you need to retopo.
So try it out without retopo!


Thank you both for the help. Will try the procedural methods


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