Skeleton bone socket scale is not right

hi from the unreal engine 4 blueprint class it was mentioned that skeleton bone sockets are good for when we have addons like a hat or weapon (in the course it was a rifle).
I want to attach shoes to my character but the scale is gigantic for some reason.
Can you please help?

When I put the shoe static mesh directly on level it looks normal:


But if I put it on a socket (in preview mode) it’s gigantic:

I imported this mesh from daz => blender => unreal. Not sure if it’s relevant.

This would signify an issue with the skeleton you’re using for your character. That bone did not have its transform normalized before being exported for use in Unreal.

That said, if you don’t have the ability to fix the skeleton in a 3D Modelling program (like Blender or Maya), you can change the relative scale, rotation, and location of the socket in the details panel. You may have to open it by going to Window → Details while looking at the skeletal mesh asset.

What does it mean to have your transform normalized? I am using blender.

I tried fixing it in details panel but it’s tough to get it right. I think it’s better to fix it in 3d Modelling program.

What that means is that translation, rotation, and scale are all set to 1, 1, 1.

It should be doable in Blender as it’s a 3D Modelling program, I’m not familiar enough with it to give you an answer, though.

oh ok thanks, let me do some research

I am able to fix this with method in this article by tantena.

We basically have to scale up the armature to 100, apply the transformations and then when we export scale it back down to 0.01.

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